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Hi Everybody! I am SO glad you joined us here on our new Community page. We have lots of great ideas for sharing on this forum…everything from evidence and sightings to archeoplanetography to help with your questions about telepathy, the P’nti, the Sasquatch and more. We want to get you all involved and would love to see everyone helping each other with the learning and sharing. We are approaching Earth’s Official First Contact and the P’nti are asking for your help as well as Juan (Dale) and I. We will post more about the details a little later, and are not sure yet if it will be in a short video or meeting room or simply here as a written post so stay tuned. Again, thank you for coming and we look forward to you sharing more about yourself and your journey. Tk tk and hugs to you all –Su

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  1. Hi, question for you or the P’nti. Are the “Lacerta documents” authentic and accurately report on rep-terrans, or is it another scam to get media attention? I’d appreciate your frank opinion (or knowledge).. It was just republished by Michael Salla on his “exopilitics” site. I read it years ago and pretty much chalked it up then to “scam” status. Is it on the level? Thanks
    I have additional questions if the material is authentic.