Dell at the Corral OK

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Dell, the P’nti’s Fleet Master takes care of all of the maintenance of the P’nti craft. He is the oldest member of the staff and has been running the hanger bay for decades, even before Commander Tlkm arrived. This portrait arose from Dell’s request. Since he is more like the manager of a herd of horses than a head mechanic, he likened the Hanger Bay to his Corral. Having heard of the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, gesturing at the whole bay, he quipped one day that “This is my corral, OK!?” Since then we’ve continued to refer to the hanger bay as the Corral OK. This 7″ x 9″ original pastel portrait is done on quality pastelmat paper and is mounted on a firm backer board.

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Dell has let us know that the craft they fly are sentient and telepathic. Many contactees who have touched the P’nti ships have corroborated this. In this image, Dell is dressed as someone who manages a herd in North America. The clothes he is wearing have a timeless quality, making him appear as if he could have stepped straight out of the 1880s OK Corral or a rodeo event yesterday. -Su


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