Pita 2021

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It had been a little while since I’d sketched Pita and I asked him in 2021 if he wanted a new drawing done. He said yes, and simply asked to be gentle looking down as if he were looking down on a sleeping person in their bed. I agreed and this little portrait was born. This original was done on 8″ x 8″ black 90lb paper using white chalk and charcoal pencils. It is not mounted on a backer board.

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Pita used to take a lot of kidding from Radar and Grayson because compared to most P’nti, Pita has a little extra padding in his gluteus maximus. In other words, Pita has a butt. Once he transferred to working with blended staff members on the children’s teams, all the ribbing stopped. He’d found a perfect niche at the Sandia Mountain Information Station and is now teaching the trainees how visiting children is different here. – Su


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