The Auroras Will Fill the Skies

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Back in 2021 we had a talk with first Tlkm about signs of the sun getting ready to have a huge CME burst…a plasma sneeze in Earth’s direction so hard it dramatically affects things here on Earth. He told us that auroras will fill the skies down to the equatorial region and that there will also be some evidence of them in daytime. This 11″ x 14″ original of Tlkm and the polar bear was done on black 90# paper using pastel pencils. It is not mounted on a backer board.

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After we spoke with Tlkm, our dear friend Clifford Mahooty was telling us about what his people from Zuni had been taught. He too said that the Star Nations had told them when auroras fill the skies, it’s time to go underground. That completely echoed what Commander Tlkm expressed…that going underground was the safest way to ride out the solar storm. – Su


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