Fawn Friend

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Sasquatch love venison, so when they find a baby fawn all alone in the forest, they have to make a decision as to whether to care for it or have it for dinner. This Sasquatch has found that the tiny little baby has already softened his heart. This 9.5″ x 12″ original was done using pastel pencils and charcoal on high quality pastel paper mounted on a backer board.

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I remember several things about when I did this portrait. Mim, my art teacher was having me focus on doing Sasquatch hands correctly and getting highlights and shadows correct. I also recall at that time that other portrait artists who drew black animals suggested blue worked as a highlight for black hair. I also remember being surprised that I didn’t get any sense of hunger for venison coming from the Sasquatch model. Sometimes I pick up things as I do these portraits but not always. I love it when I do though. – Su


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