The “OFC”

Our community site is finally getting some traction and hopefully behaving as we should expect a social network to work.

Su and i had a good conversation this morning about how to proceed as a Community.

We are also wanting feedback from You as a Friend of Official First Contact.

After we we get more of the site design finalized (security & privacy are top of the list.

The Images and Links needs to be looked at and fixed if not working.

The time has come for our RightMinded Community to demonstrate what we have learned about spreading rightmindedness by putting into action, our efforts towards becoming a more welcomed ACL (Advanced Civilization Level) planet.

Let’s show our friends The P’nti and The Federation that we do indeed deserve our chance to be part of the larger Star Nation Neighborhood!

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  1. Greetings. I belong to the Humanitarian group Connecting Consciousness whose goal is to raise the world’s vibration. In the California group every few months we read the Telepathy 101 primer on zoom to members. T’ni helps giving guidance. The last zoom had 86 participants. We do it again tonight.

    We do community projects, several help vets, teach electroculture for better gardening, share our abundance from said gardens, gather to share knowledge, collect and distribute books for the needy, send healing prayers on requests.

    I get requests to educate about the Sasquatch.

    The group is free to join, members in all 50 states and around the world, founded by Simon Parks in England. His wife Becky does monthly spiritual topics. My favorite was the lost books of the Bible. This month is Spiritual Values. Grandmother Maolara of Australia is a frequent guest.

    I’ve asked them to vet Sunbow and Su as speakers.

    1. Hi Rita thanks for sharing such a heart warming story.
      I will have to look at Connecting Consciousness 🙂

      Spreading the growing & good wave of collective intent is a most worthy work!
      Blessings of the day, to Becky & Simon Parks and the entire Connecting Consciousness movement, thank you for your service.

      @su1111 or @sunbow would both be wonderful choices as voices to hear.