Welcome Wayshowers!

Welcome fellow Wayshowers please click those links to see what they do (and to make sure they work!)

This place is created with organic growth as its driving force. It’s time to give back & demonstrate what Right Mindedness is.

Be that change that tomorrow yearns for, our place in space with our Star Nation allies!!


Tomorrow begins Today.

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  1. Hello Juan, Su and fellow wayshowers. Many thanks to Juan and everyone else who invested so much time and effort creating this space. I agree with Su; OFC feels absolutely immanent. What an amazing time to be alive, awake and to have this powerful resource available to us! Tk Tk. Infinite love & gratitude. ?❤️?

    1. We are still working out kinks, bugs, and dealing with the newness sort of “where do I find…” buttons bells and whistles. Love seeing all these posts!

  2. Beyond Infinite Blessings for all of your service, Juan!!!

    In terms of functionality- I can currently only access the content from the main page by either clicking on the graphics (if a graphic is present) or by clicking on the little comment icon, but not by clicking the overall article preview.

    1. In terms of additional functionality feedback to support the site’s advancement:
      – Upon entering my name, email address, and website in order to comment- and clicking the checkbox to have this information automatically populated in the future- the information is unfortunately currently not yet populating.
      – Even though my profile includes my picture within the membership directory, the picture is not appearing when I post.